Your Wedding at Nichols Hills United Methodist Church

Let’s Begin! First and foremost, the Ministers and Staff of Nichols Hills United Methodist Church are interested in your wedding because we believe that a Christian wedding is a covenant‐making ceremony in which the bride and groom not only declare their love for one another, but affirm their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives and thus, Lord of their marriage. The Senior Pastor, Dr. Trevor Smith is dedicated to assisting you in pre‐marital counseling and in the planning and carrying out of your wedding. This is all part of the larger family ministry which is so important to us here at Nichols Hills United Methodist. In order to establish a uniform and regular practice with regard to weddings at Nichols Hills United Methodist and to make available the accepted policies of the church, the procedures soon to be outlined on this website have been instituted.

Wedding Ceremony Application – Nichols Hills United Methodist Church

Wedding Policy